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women-clinicCome to Women Clinic Haddon, you will need lots of support and good advice if you find yourself facing an unplanned pregnancy. You can get help making the right decision for you.


Abortion is permitted in South Africa under strict regulations. Since 2002, women may terminate a pregnancy during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy of her own free will.  After the 13th week, a doctor must show that the abortion is necessary to prevent danger to the woman’s life or physical health/Women Clinic Haddon or to prevent serious emotional distress.  A second medical opinion is not necessary.


Procedure at Women Clinic Haddon

Within the first 12 weeks of the pregnancy, the pregnant woman should request the termination in writing expressing the distress caused by the pregnancy.  She must then undergo in-depth medical counselling.  Local family planning centres or our Women Clinic Haddon can offer guidance on a doctor who can provide suitable advice.


Up to the 7th week (7weeks after the first day of the last period) an early abortion can be carried out using a hormonal medicine called mifepristone (the abortion pill).  This type of abortion is safe and physically much less demanding than surgery.  However, the emotional strain is still severe.


Between 7th and the 12th weeks the abortion is a surgical operation as an outpatient.


After the 12th week, you will stay overnight in hospital.


Teenage pregnancy | Legal Women Clinic Haddon

Young pregnant women under the age of 16 must attend a specialised consultation centre.

Please note!

An abortion cannot be carried out without the consent of the pregnant woman.  This is the case also for women under the age of 18.

Follow-up care

The physical and psychological strain after an abortion can be enormous and it is important you get all the support and help you need. Care and advice are available at Women Clinic Haddon centres.

Who pays for abortion?

You must pay by cash; the cost of legal abortion depends on the number of weeks of your pregnancy at our Women Clinic Haddon.