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Our Services 100% Safe Abortion Clinic, scheduling Abortion Consultations and Procedures has become simpler than ever before. Our personalized Abortion Procedures provide patients with the resources they need to get a Safe abortion.We offer safe Medical Abortion

Safe Early Abortion 

You are here because you want to terminate or know a person who wants to terminate. You are at the right place and you will get the right help.We are a female doctor run service. We treat all women with kindness, respect and privacy. Contact us right now.

Early Termination of Pregnancy

Do not make a mistake of waiting. Terminate early. The moment you feel changes in your body test and should you find that you are pregnant decide immediately the way forward. Do not wait. Termination is a time sensitive decision. If you wait time will decide for you. You will not get help because the law will start acting against your wishes.

Medical Abortion

Have questions for the doctor: Medical Abortion: What is it? A medical abortion is one that is brought about by taking medications that will end a pregnancy. There are several types of medication. The medication is very effective and it works same day. After a medical abortion you should

Abortion Decision

Have questions for the doctor:

Early abortion can be an ordinary decision. Most women who choose to end a pregnancy are emotional, but many don't feel badly about their decision. They are clear that it's a decision they need to make.

This clinic is South Africa's top Termination clinic facility, with state of the art facilities complimented by registered and experienced Medical professionals. We have made it possible for 100's of women who have had an unwanted pregnancies to have a Safe and Private termination.

We only use Safe and tested drugs which are administered by our registered medical professionals ensuring that your Abortion is Quick and Safe We provide Womb Cleaning Pills and Deliveries of the medicine to those who can't come in.
In most cases, an abortion is carried out as a day procedure, and an overnight stay in hospital is not required.
Before the termination

When you go for your first appointment, you should be given the opportunity to talk about your situation (if you want to). You will be informed about the different methods of abortion, and which method is suitable for your stage of pregnancy. You should also be advised about related risks and complications.

The doctor or nurse will take your medical history to make sure that the type of abortion you are offered is suitable for you. You will be given a blood test to check your blood group and to see whether you are aneamic. You should also be tested for sexually transmitted infections (STI's), and may be given antibiotics to stop an infection from occurring after the termination.