Termination of pregnancy (TOP) is a medically directed miscarriage prior to independent viability, using medication pills or surgical means.
Deciding whether or not to terminate a pregnancy—wanted, unwanted, or unexpected—can be a very difficult decision. By informing yourself, talking to your doctor and loved ones, and giving yourself time you can make the right decision for yourself.
Just because a woman you know or a woman who posts regrets her abortion, does NOT mean that you will.

What it means is that this is an important decision, one that you must make because it feels right for your situation. Women who have regrets often were forced or coerced into an abortion,which will definitely cause problems.

Some people will say almost anything to persuade you to not have an abortion, even going so far as to questioning your current parenting ability. THIS IS SO WRONG.

Coercion to carry a pregnancy/ termination of pregnancy to term is just as bad as coercion to have an abortion!! Do what is right for you.

Termination of Pregnancy does not mean “never”, it means “not right now”. Lots of women have had a termination of pregnancy and then go on to have more children later when they are ready, so can you.


What are my options if I find out that I am pregnant?

There are three major options to you if you discover you are pregnant:-

1. You can give birth to the baby and raise the baby.
2. You can give birth to the baby and place the baby for adoption
3. You can end the pregnancy by having an abortion.

Is there anything I should do?

Women clinic will confirm that you are pregnant. Before you begin the difficult process of making a decision on an abortion, confirm that you are pregnant. You can use a home test or see your doctor to determine if you even need to consider an abortion.

The Doctor or health care provider will find out how far along you are in your pregnancy.

What factors should I consider when making a decision about pregnancy?

Your age, values, beliefs, health, current situation, and future goals all play a very big role in your decision.
How far along you are in your pregnancy may limit your options. It should be done early in pregnancy when there are fewer risks.
Consider your situation.
It’s very important to think about your personal situation before you decide on terminating your pregnancy or speak to others about it.
This can give you time to clearly consider the repercussions of a pregnancy or abortion without any outside forces influencing you.

Ask yourself some questions including:

1. Am I ready to be a parent?
2. Can I afford to have a baby and raise it?
3. How does having a baby impact my life and that of my partner’s or my family?
4. Could this pregnancy be a risk to my physical or mental well-being?
5. Would I consider adoption?
6. What are my religious/moral/ethical views on pregnancy termination?
7. Am I able to handle the emotional and physical experience of pregnancy termination?
8. Am I getting pressure to have an abortion or am I getting pressure to keep the pregnancy? Etc.

While you are deciding. Do not drink alcohol, smoke, or take drugs.

Talk to your health care provider or family doctor or come to our clinic and talk to any of our staff members about any prescription drugs you are taking to make sure they are safe for the baby.

If you choose to raise the baby or give the baby up for adoption, it is best to begin prenatal care as soon as you can.